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WiFi And Mobile IP Phones

Think of these as IP phones with a wireless network card. They can be used to access your VoIP service or PBX from any Wi-Fi hotspot with unrestricted access. Many offices and homes use wireless routers to set up a Wi-Fi network, the phone will automatically scan for the presence of such network, and connect to it. This allows you to roam from one hotspot to another without having to change the settings on the phone.

Look and operate like a cell phone, these wireless handsets provide a low-cost way to communicate when you are on the road, with popular features such as 3-way Calling, Call Waiting, and Call Transfer.

Today there are several models you can choose from, although none of them is as reliable as a wired IP phone. There are also software applications that can be installed on your laptops or mobile phones, they are known as softphones. For laptops, iPhones and iPads we recommend the X-Lite softphone from CounterPath; For the If you have an Android phone you can use the open-source softphone Sipdroid. Both have been tested to work with our service.

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