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Companies with offices in different geographical locations can set up a virtual private telephone network over the Internet with Luxon's softswitch. Internal calls are routed through the Internet and totally free, as are calls to customers and suppliers with similar equipments installed.

If your products are exported to other countries, we can also provide you with local numbers that your customers can call from any phone, even if you don't have an office in that country. The calls will be routed to your home office over the Internet. This is a cost-effective way to provide an international toll-free number. (more)


As an added bonus, customers can use our conference bridge to conduct meetings over the Internet. Participants can call in from anywhere and each meeting will be assigned private "rooms" on the conference server. (more)

Voice Service Platform

Custom voice applications and services can be built on our PBX system. For example your customers can call in to listen to lectures or recordings, or leave dictations. The system can also be programmed to send out wake-up calls or other voice notifications.


Our service not only saves you money, but also offers superior voice quality than most phone cards. Since the calls are routed through the Internet and there are no access numbers to dial, you will always be able to get through, even on important holidays. Talk to your love ones anytime, for as long as your heart desires. (more)

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