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Dancing Robot

An adorable and talented robot that attracts kids and adults alike, it can sing, dance, kick, and tell stories. About the size of an infant, it is the perfect educational toy. It comes loaded with some basic dance steps and simple movements, but is capable of much more.

With 16 servo joints, it can closely mimic the human body and perform complex actions. You can design new actions using the software on your computer. Commands can be issued from an App installed on your smart phone, which communicates with the robot via Bluetooth.

This cute little robot would make a great special guest on your children's birthday party. It would also be an excellent teaching aid, programmed to perform certain actions in conjunction with other course materials. Interest is the best teacher, this is one teacher that every child would love.

For those who is not willing to spend $495 on a great toy, we have a rental program that is as low as $25, plus $9 for each additional day.

Click here to see the robot dance

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