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The FXO ports connect directly to your regular (PSTN) phone lines from the local phone company and allow IP telephony devices to make calls to regular phones (POTS). With this gateway you can call (and receive calls from) people that do not have Internet access.

This gateway has been tested to work with Asterisk.

Feature Highlights

  • H.323v3 (on 2-port or 4-port only) and SIP protocols
  • 2 to 8 FXO ports, or 1-2 FXO+FXS combo
  • E.164 common dial plan
  • Auto-attendant (voice greeting)
  • T.38/FAX and voice auto-switching
  • G.711, G.723.1 and G.729/G.729A codecs
  • Receive caller ID from PSTN
  • Automatic gatekeeper discovery
  • Adaptive echo cancellation (G.168/165)
  • Line hunting
  • Provide 2nd dial tone to PSTN
  • Support peer-to-peer mode
  • Support NAT router or IP sharing device
  • Configuration via web browser, telnet or RS-232C port
  • DTMF dialing, detection and generation
  • Call transfer/call hold (H.450.2/H.450.4)
  • Provide QOS function with TOS setting
  • VAD, silence suppression, CNG
  • Dynamic jitter buffer
  • Bad frame interpolation
  • TFTP/FTP software upgrade
  • 1 Ethernet port (FXO+FXS version has LAN hub)
  • MS-NetMeeting v3.0 compatible
  • 100-240VAC power adapter
Gateway with FXO ports Hybrid Gateway
Number of Ports Price Payment Methods
2 FXO $279
4 FXO $399
8 FXO $499
FXO+FXS $279
2FXO+2FXS $399

Datasheet for FXO gateway    Datasheet for hybrid gateway

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