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Extend Phone System By Adding Remote Extensions

Hidden Camera Source wanted to allow employees at a remote office to make and receive calls through its PBX at the main office. With help from Luxon they installed an FXO gateway at the main office, connected to some extensions of the PBX, and a Cisco ATA 186 at the remote office. Now the employees at the remote office can make calls simply by dialing the number, and it automatically gets routed through the central PBX.

When an outside caller dials an extension assigned to the FXO gateway, the call immediately gets forwarded to the Cisco ATA 186 at the remote location, and rings the phone there. The caller won't even know that the call has been forwarded.

International Support Center

Marfic Technologies, Inc. provides IT support for companies in the Silicon Valley. By installing an FXO gateway in California and some IP phones in India, calls from customers to a local number can be answered directly by support engineers in India, reducing labor and communication costs. Employees in India can use the same gateway and Luxon's VoIP service to make calls to the U.S., saving thousands of dollars in international long-distance calls.

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